Eka is reflective of designer Rina Singh’s personal ethos of simple living, connected to her upbringing in a family of agriculturalists. Her sound understanding of textile design has developed through international exposure and extensive travel across rural India. Over this time, her love of people, nature and craft has been central to her vision, shared by her husband Sandeep Dua, Eka’s Managing Director.

EKA is a Indian Designer that specializes in detailing her beautiful quality linens, cottons, and silks. Covered buttons, sleeve details, emotive embroidery and easy silhouettes are synonymous with her designs.

“The world of Eká is an imaginary place. It is whimsical, poetic, and romantic; a canvas where I bring several characters to life and dress them in my creations which are sensory, emotional, familiar, and hand-touched, with their essence tied to storytelling. Its functionality and ethics are an extension of my principles.”

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