Zilla Leather Tote
Zilla Leather Tote

Zilla Leather Tote

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Sylvia Pichler is the woman behind the label. Her affinity for metallic and construction materials has been a family affair from the beginning. It was her grandfather and father, a blacksmith and an architect respectively, who instilled into her a profound love for haptic experiences. She ultimately became an architect herself, transforming her vision of materials and design into uniquely shaped, minimalist handbags.

This beautiful tote has a removable strap and metallic lining with pockets all around the edge of the bag. It's beautifully constructed!

Pichler starts out by repurposing materials, thus giving them a new life in an altered shape. This approach is a fundamental part of her creative process and the key to her brand’s ongoing success.

ZILLA bags are exclusively manufactured in Northern Italy.

Sylvia Pichler, a mother of two, lives and works in Bolzano, Italy.

Dimensions: 20"w X 14"h X 7.5"w

Zipper closure

Color: yogurt


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