Individual Travel

Curate Your Perfect Half or Full Day Experience in Italy

Embark on Chianti excursions, half and full-day, alongside guided Florence tours unveiling famous landmarks and hidden treasures, immersive cooking classes, artisanal explorations, vintage shopping adventures, culinary explorations through food tours, personalized shopping in exclusive boutiques, expert restaurant recommendations and reservations, guided hikes amidst natural beauty, captivating art history tours, and sensory wine tastings for a truly enriching experience.

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Group Travel

Custom Itinerary For Group Travel

Let Riccio take away the stress of planning your group travel, allowing us to curate an authentic, distinctive journey through Italy. Perfect for friend groups, mothers, daughters, and sisters, our experiences cater to groups of at least 5 people, promising cherished memories.

Additionally, consider joining our 2025 Florence waitlist or our 2025 trip to Venice for an unforgettable adventure alongside wonderful people.

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Travel Insurance

Wander the World Without Worry

Local language barriers. Lost passport. Unexpected medical expenses. Sometimes, our trips don’t go as planned.That’s why Riccio wants you to have the most robust travel advisory and protection for your trip.