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Ciao! You may know me from my fashion business but I am Belinda Nixon and I have recently begun a travel experience that is a great addition to fashion. Florence is a city near and dear to me. I fell in love with Florence when I was 20 years old and have visited it and gotten to know it ever since. It's enough to say it is the Renaissance jewel but it is so much more. Come with me and discover it as an insider. We will visit private palazzos and gardens, hidden museums and galleries. We will discover the vast selection of local wines and eat fabulous food. We will explore Florence's 4 neighborhoods and the special flavors of each. This is small group travel for women. It is a lovely week for friend groups, mothers and daughters and sisters. If you have a group and a particular experience in mind I can customize the trip for you!

Next experiences

October 7-14 ‘22 FULL

February 22 - March 1 '23

May 19-26 '23

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