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Riccio Italy

Kobja Large Baroque Bag

Kobja Large Baroque Bag

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Paris based, Kobja, is a unique collection of fashion accessories for men and women, created by Monika Jarosz. As a small child, her grandmother told her fairytales, which increased her fascination with animals and insects. Her subsequent experience in fashion modeling would open her eyes to design and materials. She quickly understood that it was possible to work with products of nature.

Monika only works with complete toad skins*, which are tanned and transformed by taxidermists, using a lengthy and detailed process.

*the toad skins are up cycled from Australia where the toad has become invasive

The body of the bags are 100% leather

Swarovski crystals for the eyes

Measures: 12" wide at base but width expands,15"high without straps, straps are 9.5" long

100% calfskin leather

Made in France

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