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Riccio Italy

Lovers Eye Pendant

Lovers Eye Pendant

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It was love at first sight when Modern Moghul designer, Bibiana Dykema, made her first trip to Jaipur, India around eight years ago. She was enchanted by the people, enamored with the textiles and totally blown away by the jewelry.

The Texas-based architect bought fabrics for various interior design jobs and found a craftsman to make beads. She purchased strand-upon-strand of the traditional Indian gold over wax core bead necklaces as gifts for her friends. When Bibiana told her traveling companion, Shital Patel, a client of her architecture firm and native of India, about the enthusiastic reception to everything he said, “Why don’t we launch a business?” Virtually on the spot, the twosome got underway with their passion project.

This lovers eye pendant recalls the history of love in 18th century England  when it was in vogue to commemorate your lover with a miniature painting of one's eye. Part painting part jewel , all were intimate and precious.

Measures: 1.75" in diameter

Painting on mother of pearl and set in brass.

Made in India

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