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Me & K Cashmere Scarf

Me & K Cashmere Scarf

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Started by two Kashmiri cousins, Mujtaba Kadri and Rauf Shaw, whose scarves and shawls are made using the very finest cashmere and woven by over 1000 home based independent spinners. The spinners are part of a female employment effort that keeps them earning a wage all year long.  Honouring the rich heritage and craftsmanship of the Kashmir shawl, they blend traditional hand spinning, weaving and embroidery techniques, passed down through generations of Kashmiri artisans, with innovations in design to bring you the finest quality scarves and shawls. 

This rectangular scarf has a wonderful Pantone style pattern in linear wide stripes. It is so light and easy to wrap.

100% cashmere

Produced in Nepal


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